Penny’s First Grade

Welcome! Please find assignments for the week below.

Course Instructor

Penny Dawson Penny Dawson Teacher
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
1. TUESDAY Use the cursive chart (link at right) to trace each lower case letter with a pencil.
2. WEDNESDAY Use the Cursive Chart again, and the blue paper (link at right) to practice writing only the lower case letters.
3. THURSDAY Use another piece of blue paper to practice writing your name 5 times.
4. FRIDAY Use another piece of blue paper to practice your cursive again. Then write what you liked best about this week.
Green Reading Lesson – ZOOM meeting Thursday @ 10:30 Link to lesson *Make a copy before you start
Build Words Link to interactive alphabet 
Noun Lesson – ZOOM meeting Friday @ 10:30Link to Lesson *Make a copy before you start! 
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
Use the golden beads to make the following quantities:
6 10 37 94 15 100 350 820 762 4095 
2. Use the large box of colored bead bars (from the “room”) to solve these problems:
2 + 3 = 4 + 6 = 5 + 1 = 7 + 3 = 8 + 4 = 9 + 3 =
Static Addition with Golden Beads – ZOOM meeting Friday @ 9:00Addition Problems
The “Time to the Hour” lesson below will be reviewed in a ZOOM meeting Thursday @ 9:00 (if you feel it necessary)
Telling TimeVirtual Analog Clock
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
Use the geometry cabinet in the “room” to explore shapes.You can find games to play in the geometry area of our virtual resource room! Just click on a geometry material to get started
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
Explore the TMS Elementary Resource Room to find activities, lessons, and gamesVirtual Resource Room