Penny’s Third Grade

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Penny Dawson Penny Dawson Teacher
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
1. Use the blue paper (link to the right) to write AT LEAST 5 sentences about a book you just read. Blue lined paper
2. Use the blue paper and the cursive chart (link to the right) to practice both your upper and lower case letters.Cursive Chart
3. Fold a piece of the blue paper (above, right) long ways. In the left column, list 10 nouns. In the right column, list 10 adjectives to describe them.
Book Report Link to assignment 
Handwriting PassageLink to assignment
Verb ActivityLink to Lesson *Make a copy before you start! 
Grammar Review Activity (Don’t worry if you can’t do all of these, it’s just a fun way to review your grammar symbols!)Link to activity *Make a copy before you start 
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
Dynamic SubtractionInteractive Stamp Game*There will be a review of this during a ZOOM meeting Thursday @ 10:00
Dynamic MultiplicationInteractive Stamp Game
Multiplication PracticeVirtual Colored Bead Bars
Adding FractionsVirtual Fraction Material*There will be a review of this during a ZOOM meeting Friday @ 10:00
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
Types of LinesTypes of Lines Worksheet
Geometry GamesYou can find games to play in the geometry area of our virtual resource room! Just click on a geometry material to get started
Assignment: Materials/Resources: 
1. Use the Solar System chart in the virtual classroom (welcome page of this document) to explore the planets.
2. Use the volcano in the virtual classroom to practice some of the vocabulary. On a separate paper, draw and label your own volcano.
Explore the TMS Elementary Resource Room to find activities, lessons, and gamesVirtual Resource Room