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Important Documents

2017-18 Calendar
2017-18 Directory
Parent Handbook
Class Lists 2017-18
Faculty & Staff Listing
Parent Education Information
Parent Education Program 2017-18

Star of the Week

Sarah Perez’s Stars
Sarah Partain’s Stars
Stephanie’s Stars
Crystal’s Stars
Rachael’s Stars
Alisa’s Stars

Birthday List

Jennifer’s Birthdays
Summer’s Birthdays
Elena’s Birthdays
Angela’s Birthdays
LeNet’s Birthdays
Lyn’s Birthdays
Allison’s Birthdays
Sarah Perez’s Birthdays
Sarah Partain’s Birthdays
Crystal’s Birthdays
Rachael’s Birthdays
Stephanie’s Birthdays
Alisa’s Birthdays
Christine’s Birthdays

Cooking Lists

Sarah Perez’s Cooking
Rachael’s Cooking
Sarah Partain’s Cooking
Crystal’s Cooking
Upper Elementary’s Cooking

Snack Lists

Jennifer’s Snack
Summer’s Snack
Elena’s Snack
Angela’s Snack
LeNet’s Snack
Lyn’s Snack
Allison’s Snack
Sarah Perez’s Snack
Sarah Partain’s Snack
Rachael’s Snack
Upper Elementary’s Snack
Crystal’s Snack
Christine’s Snack

Class Documents

Healthy Eating Team
Practical Ways Our School Impacts the Environment
Box Tops Collection Sheet

Field Trips

Preschool InHouse Field Trips
Kindergarten Field Trip Form
Jenny Field Trips
Sarah Field Trips
Stephanie Field Trips
Crystal Field Trips
Alisa Field Trips

Supply Lists

Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle School

Reading Lists

Kindergarten Summer Reading List
Kindergarten Reading Log
Elementary Summer Reading List
Lower Elementary Reading Log
Upper Elementary Reading Log
Middle School Summer Reading List
Middle School Reading Log

Parent Conference

Making the Best of Parent-Teacher Conferences
Toddler/Preschool Conference Questionnaire
Elementary/Middle School Conference Questionnaire

Parent Lending Library

Toddler Preschool Parent Lending Library

Elementary Parent Lending Library

CD & DVD Parent Lending Library


Google Docs

Toddler Rooms
Christine & Lyn’s Room
Angela B’s Room
Penny & LeNet’s Room
Allison’s Room
Sarah Perez & Rachel Winter’s Room
Sarah Partain’s Room
Rachael Lewis’s Room
Crystal & Stephanie’s Room
Alisa’s Room

2017-18 Calendar