Message from the Head of School, Allison Driver


            The Montessori School is the only Montessori academy in the Scenic City and serves students from 18 months to 8th grade. We place an emphasis on the “3 C’s,” preparing our students to be Caring, Creative, and Confident lifelong learners. We offer individualized academic lessons that allow our students to obtain mastery at their own pace and skill ability level.

            Our students receive a strong academic foundation utilizing a holistic approach that prepares them to continue to thrive beyond their experience here at The Montessori School. Our school does not teach the students “what” to think but rather “how” to think. The staff guides students through the process of discovery that in turn leads to growth and increased self-confidence.

            As Dr. Maria Montessori once stated, “And so we discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.” Our primary goal is to provide a well-prepared environment that includes dedicated staff members, supportive parents, and invested community stakeholders who encourage and foster intrinsic motivation and independence that ultimately results in our students reaching their maximum potential.

            I welcome you to come visit and tour our school. Tours occur every Tuesday at 2:00p. Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in obtaining more information about our school!


Allison Driver, MAOM

Head of School


Monthly Message from Head of School, Allison Driver

“Love and Appreciation”

February 2018

With the celebration of Valentine’s Day and Black History Month taking place during the month of February, love and appreciation are the highlights. As Maria Montessori once quoted, “Of all the things love is the most potent.” One of the many beautiful aspects of the Montessori environment is the focus on love and respect. The various components that encompass the Montessori Method develop the “whole” child. We strive to build character and create lifelong learners. The way we treat one another and work together to accomplish goals is what creates positive change in the world.


While the celebration of love, as well as the accomplishments of African Americans who paved the way throughout history, are both highlighted this month, it is beneficial for us to celebrate love and appreciation for others throughout the entire year. It is reassuring to know that our students are in an educational environment where their foundation is built on values that consist of being loving and kind to one another. This foundation will transcend beyond their formational years and I am confident that they will affect the change that we hope to see in the future.